Scriptwriting is a collaborative process between myself and the client.  I am striving to tell their story with economy of words, elegance of style and a sense of engagement with the viewer.  Extensive research and preparation is critical before the script is written. 

Determining the visual style of video is part of the process, because it is the most significant factor in answering the question “What do you want this video to do?” and finding the best way to achieve that goal.

The overall process:

  1. Determining the overall goals and visual look and feel for the video.
  2. Conducting data gathering interviews – finding out the story that will be told.
  3. Creating initial script/storyboard drafts and revisions.
  4. Handing off the script and storyboard to the production team.
  5. Recording voice-over or on-camera talent.
  6. Creating animation or screenshots.
  7. Editing, revision and release.

Development and scriptwriting can take as short as a week for a straightforward video to several weeks for complex animation.  One of the biggest factors is the size of the client – large companies need several layers of feedback and approval, adding significant time to all steps.

What is required from each client is initial discussions about what the video will look like, the content interviews to gather the data that will go in the video and review/feedback on the script and storyboard as it is produced.   

Please click How I Write A Script for a Short Business Promo to download a PDF which explains the process.